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Established in 2015, Active Healthy Kids Hong Kong consists of researchers and practitioners in the area of physical activity and health who have collaborated with stakeholders to produce Hong Kong’s Report Cards on physical activity for children and youth.

The Active Healthy Kids Hong Kong Report Card is an evidence-based synthesis on physical activity behaviors in children and youth, based on the best available evidence across a series of indicators related to individual behaviors, settings and sources of influence, and strategies and investments. The evidence is evaluated and interpreted by an expert consensus panel, resulting in the assignment of a letter “grade”. The report card aims to consolidate existing evidence, facilitate international comparisons, encourage more evidence-informed physical activity and health policies, improve surveillance of physical activity and most importantly, to promote and facilitate opportunities for physical activity among children and youth in Hong Kong.


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The “Global Matrix”

The Hong Kong Report Card is part of a global effort to promote physical activity in children and youth (Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, AHKGA). In November 2016, the results of the first Hong Kong Report Card were published in conjunction with the results from 37 other countries and regions (known as “Global Matrix 2.0”) at an international conference. The update of report card results is usually conducted every two to three years. The Global Matrix 3.0 consisting of Report Cards from 49 countries and regions including Hong Kong was launched at the Movement to Move Conference in November 2018.

Using the Report Card

The report card provides the most recent, relevant and critical information on physical activity and health of children and youth in Hong Kong, and its generated findings can be used in a number of ways:
The Report Card+

The Active Healthy Kids 2019 Hong Kong Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth with Special Educational Needs (the 2019 Hong Kong Report Card+) is an evidence-based synthesis of physical activity behaviors for children and youth with special educational needs (SEN) in Hong Kong.

The 2019 Hong Kong Report Card+ was developed following a systematic process provided by the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA). It evaluates the best available evidence on nine indicators related to the physical activity of children and youth with SEN: Overall Physical Activity, Organized Sport Participation, Active Play, Active Transportation, Sedentary Behaviors, Family & Peers, School, Community & Environment, and Government Strategies & Investments.

In 2016 and 2018, two Hong Kong report cards for children and youth with typical development were published, whose results can be compared with those of the 2019 Hong Kong Report Card+.

Download 2019 Report Card+ :
  • 2019 Short-form Report Card English version
  • 2019 Long-form Report Card English version
  • 2019 Short-form Report Card Chinese version